Kindness Workshop

Kindness Workshop with Jane Linley-Thomas and Paul Bushell.

The Kindness Workshop takes participants through a series of real conversations, followed by practical activities on how we can achieve a better work/life balance; juggling the demands of career and home responsibilities in a kinder and more efficient way.

It is based on Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, which focuses on improving our feelings and behaviors by being more aware of the thoughts we carry in certain situations at work and at home as parents and partners. Jane and Paul get people to talk in the workshop about their thoughts, feelings and actions. Participants are free to take the conversation where they need to go, but this is often around thoughts and feelings of overwhelm, guilt, inadequacy. It is so hard to be everything for everyone. Being stuck with these thoughts and feelings can be a very unkind and unproductive way to live, and we need to fix it.

Paul and Jane use activities like Journaling, Affirmations, Kindness Challenges, Social Media Prompts to get people to start becoming more aware of the thoughts, feelings, behavior which are causing them to feel imbalanced, inadequate and overwhelmed at work and at home. And then, find ways to achieve more balance.

The tools we use for these activities are in Kindness Kit, which means people have something to hold on to and use over and over again. It’s a really beautiful gift to have at home and at work.

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