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Educators & Principals

We See You

We understand the vital role that you play in the development of our future leaders & we want to support you in balancing their education with a healthy self esteem as they navigate their high school journey. Jane Linley-Thomas & Paul Bushell have created a series of workshops to do just this. Designed to inspire & motivate our children & equip them with practical tips & tools to live their lives with gratitude, we’re asking teachers & principals to make the investment in their future

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Our Visit To Likhon Ithemba

who are dedicated to providing a safe and loving
family environment for those children who are left with no one.


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If you missed the conversation between comedian

Kevin Fraser, radio personality Jane Linley-Thomas &Paul Bushell – Psychologist

where they chatted about cyberbullying, life under the bright lights & being in the glare of the public eye, then catch up here by following the link & find out how we can all be a little kinder to one another.

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