Radio personality and mom of 3 Jane Linley-Thomas and psychologist and author Paul Bushell share with us that as simple as it may sound, kindness as a core human value, can have a profound impact on the way people do life and work.

KindnessCan is a movement that shares the joy and power of kindness. It’s a movement for individuals, corporates, schools and communities from around the world to join. It’s a movement of Talks, Workshops, Activations, Podcasts, Blogs and Videos.

The KIND TREE is a reminder that despite the challenges we all face everyday, we live in a beautiful world where kind things do and can happen everyday. The special tree is designed to move between schools, businesses and public spaces, where people passing by can stick kind stories, quotes, pictures, names, and encouragement on the tree.

We would love the tree to spend time at your special place.

For more information on how you can get The Kind Tree to your school, organization or school drop us an email


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