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I recently did a session for The Great Women in Business at their monthly meeting the theme was ‘Dress Like Jane’

My face was sore from smiling seeing ladies arriving in clashing/ matching bright and beautiful attire.

The joy, happiness, liberation, and pure undiluted playfulness could be felt by all in attendance.

I was asked to speak on living a more energized life.

It was incredible to feel the rooms vibration, colour, and energy.

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The ReJoyce Collection is a bright & beautiful pre-loved fashion and accessories space created in loving memory of my late Gran Joyce Linley.

The ReJoyce Collection is a destination designed around slow fashion and aims to in turn slow women down, take time out for themselves and find something that sparks joy and playfulness.

The ReJoyce Collection is an inclusive shopping experience that is a safe space of fun and liberation. Full rails of one-off unique items. A real magpie’s haven.

Grab your Mom, sister, or besties and come and play!

Open by appointment only.

The ReJoyce Collection also offers experiential events for brands and corporate spaces.

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Exciting News! The ReJoyce Collection has been nominated for an incredible honor! We are thrilled to announce that we have been nominated in the Best Clothing Store category. Click on the image below to vote.

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