Daryl Ilbury

I witnessed Jane Linley-Thomas bring a fox to life. Perhaps I should explain: I worked with Jane for many years, and can say with complete confidence she is a unique radio talent. She is on-air as she is off, and that’s rare in radio. Her genuineness of character and her refusal to kowtow to facile convention, combined with her radiant personality and sincere connection to her audience, make her one-of-a-kind. It’s why she’s a true rock star of radio. It’s also why when the Growing Foxes writing team were creating a sassy, smart and upbeat stop-motion fox character called Alice – one who would inspire young women to take ownership of their future – we based her on Jane, hoping like hell she’d agree to voice Alice. And she did. And she rocked it! She brought all her energy and passion to the project, and made our Alice leap from the pages. You can see the result here. Thank you, Jane! Daryl Ilbury- Broadcaster & Author