“This is how I met Jane Linley-Thomas

Twice in one week I asked the universe if I could find someone – someone like Jane Linley-Thomas, someone with a voice that I could trust, someone non-judgmental and open minded. I specifically felt that I could trust Jane, even though I had never met her.  I had a story to tell and I needed someone to tell my story to that would understand my needs to grow forward.

Within 5 days I had enrolled on a course and to my surprise…. in walked Jane Linley-Thomas. I could not believe my eyes. I had to ask myself, how did this happen? It was such an aha moment! I felt like a bolt of lightning hit me. I couldn’t believe I had asked for someone like JLT and in walked the real person.

What unfolded in our coaching sessions was nothing more and nothing less than Life Changing

Jane listened to my life story, she was empathetic, nonjudgmental and totally connected.  She reassured me and provided a loving touch throughout our session.  She allowed me to cry, to laugh and to heal, never making anything about her.  I could see her sadness but I could see her overwhelming sense of pride in me for been a survivor and not a victim of my circumstances.  The coaching session was peaceful.  I explained to her that I was at peace with every experience I had had in my life, with every person who had hurt me.  I forgave them with Jane’s help and decided to take the lessons I had learnt to move forward and not hand the power back to the bullies, the sexual offenders, the toxic people, the abusers, the controllers.

What Jane concentrated on which no-one has never been able to work with me with was myself.  She gently steered me into putting my needs ahead of anyone else, she helped me form boundaries, she helped me breakdown the conditioning of what I was told to do and what others expected from me.  She inspired me to listen to my own intuition and my own needs, my happiness, my health. She helped me to see that I am worthy of abundance in all areas of life.  I am finally able to breathe, I can say NO, with love and kindness.  I can finally say that going forward in my life, I will live it the way I was meant to, I will take care of my health and my happiness.  Everyone has their own life journey and everyone should be accountable to themselves.  I’m at peace to live the best version of myself and I am grateful to you Jane for our synchronised encounter.  Love you always. “