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Meet Jane Linley-Thomas

Energize your life with Jane Linley-Thomas

In this 1 hour honest and candid offering Jane speaks to the heart of Women.

Asking some hard hitting questions all while storytelling with her warmth, vulnerability, heart and humor.

Speaking of different ways of living and loving a life that is full of purpose, play and joy.

As women at some point we stop dreaming as we pour ourselves into different parts of our lives leaving the little girl inside wondering where have you gone?

This session is the perfect way to uplift and inspire the women in your business, office or organization.

It would also be fantastic for hight school girls.

The session encourages attendees to ‘Dress like Jane’ and will include a pop up fashion show.

Yes think colours, patterns, clash, mix and match!

It’s amazing how when given permission to be playful how the energy inside of you changes.

For more information on how I can motivate, inspire and lift the women in your team email  hello@lovejlt.com

Coffee and Conversation with Jane Linley-Thomas

Office Edition.

My work at East Coast Radio over the last 20 years and more recently, in the last 5 years with KindnessCan, JLT and The ReJoyce Collection has seen me in front of 1000’s and 1000’s of women Nationally and Internationally, in organizations, offices, in high schools and online.

I have a real heart for women and their mental health and wellbeing.

The demands of life sees women struggling with the many hats they wear.

Coffee and Conversations with Jane Linley-Thomas in your space is where I will come to your office, canteen, break room space one morning a week for a month for coffee and conversation with the ladies in your business.

Each weekly session is 30 minutes where we will all gather to connect as I chat, inspire and lift them with a story of my own personal challenges and impart tips and applications that I have found valuable with moving forward.

Conversations around being vulnerable, overwhelmed, anxious, authentic, to ask for help, the courage to keep moving forward, to slow down.

It is time to drop the mask in an insta perfect world to be more self compassionate with themselves and in turn find time for playfulness and meaning.

Real women talking real about the juggle, struggle and joy of life.

For more info hello@lovejlt.com

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Jane Linley-Thomas is an award winning radio Personality, Podcaster,
Co-Founder of the KindnessCan Movement,
Kindness Facilitator and founder of The ReJoyce Collection.