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This is a sacred space, a space for you to call your own, a place of love, kindness & support. You are loved!

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Radio Personality, Spiritual Life Coach & Mom

Meet Jane Linley-Thomas

Jane Linley-Thomas is an award-winning radio personality and a certified spiritual life coach who is passionate about, life, love, kindness, people, moms, moms with multiples, children and teenagers. Learn more


People of Purpose Culture

People of Purpose Culture is a collection of stories, experiences and insight from leading thought leaders in their respective fields to engage, inspire and empower.

Jane Linley Thomas

Women’s Heart and Mind (WHAM)

WHAM is a collection of conversations, facilitation and inspiration for women by women. Join Jane as she engages in conversations around the juggle and sometimes struggles of everyday life.

Jane Linley Thomas

Brand Ambassador Machine (BAM)

JLT is an iconic and influential award-winning radio presenter, she believes in the power of collaboration and loves the concept behind an honest narrative that echoes the message

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Public speaker, Spiritual Life Coach, Kindness Facilitator & Host of Mom’s Heart daily podcast.
Married to her bestie, with 3 gorgeous kids, in Durban, South Africa